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Horizontal Mixers

  • Complete range of mixers available such as Plough, Ribbon & Paddle
  • Available in different finishes; including carbon steel, AISI 304L & 316L
  • ATEX models available
  • Capacities ranging from 35 to 60,000 litres
  • Hinged and interlocked lid for operator safety
  • Shaft mounted gearbox
  • Alternative trough shapes available
  • Cantilever shaft design for easy access
  • Option of adding side cutters or intensifiers for extra shear
  • Hygienic gland packing
  • Models can be custom built to suit specific customer requirements
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Our range of horizontal mixers consists of ribbon, plough and paddle mixers, which are designed for consistent batch and continuous blending of powder and granules with capacities ranging from 35 – 60,000 litres.

Models can be custom built to suit specific customer requirements, including alternative trough shapes , cantilever shaft design for easy access and the addition of side cutters or intensifiers for extra shear.

The table below shows our range of mixers including Ribbon, Plough and Paddle agitators and the various options available including low shear and high shear mixers.

Our Mixer range includes:

  • Ribbon mixers
  • Plough mixers
  • Paddle mixers

Available in sizes to suit customer requirements.

• Dry powder mixing
• Liquid addition into powders
• Live storage of sticky powders
• Cutting fat into flour
• Addition of oils or other liquids into powders
• Breaking down agglomerates


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