Product Tag - mill

  • Cone Mills

    • AISI 304L & 316L options available
    • ATEX models available
    • Explosion Containment (EPSR 11) versions
    • Easy access for cleaning and routine adjustment via gentle, gas strut assisted, swing down cone cradle
    • Fully interlocked with time-delay function for operator safety
    • Custom-engineered versions to suit individual layout/process requirements
    • Various grinding media and drive arrangements available
    • A selection of drive options available
    • Special alloys available on request e.g. Hastelloy
    • Grinding media can be changed quickly and easily
    • Limited heat generation
    • Low levels of product build up
    • Low noise levels
    • Minimises fines generation
    • May be used in a variety of applications
    • Easy-to-clean and hygienic



  • Universal Mills

    • Available in a range of finishes; including carbon steel, AISI 304L & 316L
    • Integral & Remote Product collection System layouts available
    • Closed Loop EPSR11 configurations for cost effective Explosion Containment
    • Temperature Controlled, Cool, Cryogenic & Inerted mill systems available
    • Easily accessible and interchangeable grinding media
    • Adjustable mill speed
    • Choice of bottom or involute discharge
    • Small units ideal for laboratory and glovebox applications
    • Special alloys available on request e.g. Hastelloy
    • Interchangeable grinding media offering flexibility for multi-product use
    • Choice of construction materials to suit every application
    • Long-life grinding elements
    • Low-cost maintenance
    • Reliability
  • Air Classifier Mills

    • AISI 304L & 316L options available
    • ATEX versions available
    • Designed for Explosion Containment (EPSR 11)
    • Fully interlocked with time delay functions for operator safety
    • Grinding to 5 – 100µm mean particle size
    • Temperature controlled grinding
    • Constant output
    • Controlled particle size distribution
    • Easily accessible and changeable grinding media
    • Split body opening for easy access
    • Grinding and classifying in one machine
    • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
    • Internals easily removed
    • No need for separate classification equipment
    • Caters for a wide spectrum of applications
    • Downtime between products is minimised