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Food Manufacturing

    Food Manufacturing

  • This is an image of a horizontal ribbon mixer

    Horizontal Mixers

    • Complete range of mixers available such as Plough, Ribbon & Paddle
    • Available in different finishes; including carbon steel, AISI 304L & 316L
    • ATEX models available
    • Capacities ranging from 35 to 60,000 litres
    • Hinged and interlocked lid for operator safety
    • Shaft mounted gearbox
    • Alternative trough shapes available
    • Cantilever shaft design for easy access
    • Option of adding side cutters or intensifiers for extra shear
    • Hygienic gland packing
    • Models can be custom built to suit specific customer requirements
  • Flo-Thru Vibroscreens

    • Available in diameters from 18 to 84 in. (460 to 2135mm)
    • Can be rated for positive pressures to 1barG or negative pressures to .48bar
    • Low profile (as low as 30cm overall height)
    • 3D vibratory motion
    • Adjustable motor mounting angle
    • Motor force for maximising screening efficiency and capacity
    • Low installation cost
    • Dust cover assembly (carbon steel, stainless steel, clear flexible vinyl, clear acrylic)
    • Anti-blinding devices
    • Sanitary construction, includnig “Gap-Free” design
    • “Air-Lift” or “Clam Shell” quick screen change feature
    • All stainless steel construction including motors
    • 4-leg support stand with or without lockable swivel casters
  • Vibratory Screeners

    Single and Multi-Deck Vibratory Screeners

    • Flat deck screener available with single or multiple decks (as shown)
    • Can yield up to five precise particle classifications from 5cm to 25microns (500 mesh)
    • Offered in stainless steel constructed to industrial or sanitary standards
    • Available in diameters from 18 to 100 in. (460 to 2540mm)
    • Wide variety of anti-blinding devices available
    • Rapid screen change versions offered
    • Enclosed, dust-free operation
    • Compact design
    • Low power requirements
    • Ratings for positive pressures to 14.7 psig (101.4 kPa) or negatives pressures to 356 mm mercury
    • Ball Tray Anti-Blinding Device
    • Four-Finger Flex Wiper Anti-Blinding Device
    • “Kasonic” Ultrasonic Anti-Blinding Device
    • “Kleen-Screen” Ring Anti-Blinding Assembly
    • Auto-Lube Auto Lubrication System

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